19/04/27&28 – Kirigami Workshop

Kirigami and Tenshiko workshop: Naka inspired semenawa

Kirigami and Tenshiko

Kirigami and Tenshiko are a couple both in ropes and in life.

In the last seven years they have been teaching and performing in different European cities. Since 2016 they run School of Rope Milano, where they teach traditional bondage twice a week to local student and foreign visitors.

Their style is inspired by Naka Akira’s bondage, as interpreted and imported in Europe by his chosen deshi Riccardo Sergnese Wildties.


We will approach traditional semenawa from a practical and theoretical point of view, understanding the iconic patterns of the style, and the philosophy behind them.

The Tk: We will analyse a Naka inspired TK, understanding Wildties’ work in making it suitable for the western body. The differences with an original Japanese TK will be described both from a technical and philosophical point of view.

Basic patterns: Iconic patterns of the style will be taught and put in use. Both floorwork and simple suspensions will be part of the schedule. Each basic pattern will be used to teach a skill that can be carried over and used in several other ties.

Friday 26/04: 22h00: Performance @ Fetish Café – Anyone welcome, first come first served, limited tickets available (presale available!)
Saturday 27/04: 10:00h – 18:00h: Workshop
Saturday 27/04: 20:00h – 02:00h: RopeNight – Only for those attending the workshop!
Sunday 27/04: 10:00h – 18:00h: Workshop

If you want to participate to this workshop, you should… 
– Have an open mind for new things to learn, and gain insights
– be able to tie a solid TK with good frictions and a solid structure. Any TK will do. It’s not about the TK, but about your skill level. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, then this workshop probably isn’t for you. If you’re unsure about your skills, consider a private tuition session with me. 

Practical information

  • The workshop takes place in a private environment. You’ll get informed of the exact place to be after subscription is complete. The workshop takes place between Antwerp and Herentals, and is very easily reachable through the E313 highway. 
  • Participation fee is €350 per couple. This admits you to:
    • The performance at the Fetish Café on 26/04 ‘so DON’T buy a ticket for that
    • Both workshop days
    • The RopeNight on Saturday 27/04 – held at the same private location as the workshop. 
  • Subscription process:
    • Send us (ligatio@ligatio.be) an email:
      • indicating your interest in the workshops
      • indicating your level of experience, and if you’re sure you meet the said prerequisites
      • indicating if you plan on participating in the performance and / or the RopeNight
      • asking about sleeping arrangements if necessary. 
    • We’ll confirm your subscription, and you get the payment details
    • Once payment is done, your subscription is complete. A couple of days before the workshop, you’ll receive the practical details.
  • Do’s and don’ts:
    • Please make sure you’re on time. The workshop starts at 10am, but you’re welcome from 9am onwards. This gives you time for arranging your stuff, get to know the other participants, and coffee.  
    • Be your best self. Don’t disturb anyone’s participation to the workshop. Show respect (yeah, goes without saying)
    • Be a student: be open for teaching and new things to learn. Thing about what is being explained to you. Discuss, try, ask, repeat. You invest 2 full days of your life in this. Time is the only thing we really have, so make the most of it!
  • Sleeping arrangements: You may be coming from far, and you might need sleeping arrangements. Here is what we’ve got: We’ve got a few basic rooms available at the workshop venue. All necessary commodities are available. For a very modest pricing, you can stay there. Ask in your email about it when you’re interested! A hotel is also a possibility. We’re not to far from some good ones. Inquire if you need advice.